Italian Model, Whose Beauty Was Distorted By The Envious Boyfriend With Acid, Appeared On The Red Carpet For The First Time After The Tragedy

Date September 12, 2018

August 29 gave the start to the Venice Film Festival. This event gathered the most demanded celebrities, showing off their exquisite outfits in front of photographers at the opening ceremony. However, not only the actors attracted the public's and press' attention.

Perhaps, already forgotten model Jessica Notaro also appeared on the festival’s red carpet. The finalist of the Miss Italy 2007 contest chose a spectacular golden dress for the event, accompanied by a miniature black purse.

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Last year, Jessica’s tragic story hit the internet with grief. The girl’s ex-boyfriend poured acid on her face due to his unreasonable jealousy.


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After that, deep scars remained on Notaro’s face and legs. Unfortunately, she had to finish the modeling career.

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Jessica shared the terrible memories on one of the local TV shows:

While the acid corroded my face and body, I kneel in prayer to God: take away my beauty, but leave me at least my eyesight.


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Five months after the tragedy, Notaro returned to work. Now, the former model trains sea lions in Rimini dolphinarium and also takes part in various dance projects.


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Judging by the photos on her Instagram page, Jessica looks deeply in love and happy with what she is doing now.


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Notaro showed all women who had to face unthinkable men’s cruelty, that life should continue and bring joy. What a brave girl!

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