Pearl Nail Polish Is The Latest Trend. It Makes Women Crazy

Date August 16, 2018 09:36

Pearl manicure is usually performed using the technique of rubbing brilliant “dust” into the nail polish of the desired color. The result is simply mesmerizing – the shade shines with all the tones of the chosen color. Moreover, you can’t even imagine how beautiful the pearl manicure glimmers in the sun! It is fashionable and easy to perform, making your nails look stylish and trendy. You can accompany your business image as well as an everyday outfit with any style of pearl manicure. That is why we offer seven adorable ideas for your nails with the trendiest thing of this season.

1. The blue color looks especially stylish these days!

2. Regardless of the chosen color, pearl nail polish will highlight your decision with all its advantages!

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3. A classic version of the pearl manicure.

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4. Some more classic variants, but this time a bit more decorated.

5. Your experiments can result in a really elegant manicure. So mesmerizing!

6. Black color with pearl effect looks very mysterious.

7. Light blue is one of the best decisions to combine with pearl manicure.

As you can see, this stylish nail polish looks very feminine but not so provoking. Pearl manicure is slowly replacing the usual glitter, which looks far from being so harmonious with all the colors.

Had you known about this trend before? Would you experiment with the similar style? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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