Senior Dog Couldn't Stop Crying As Her Beloved Owner Returned Home After Long Absence

Date August 23, 2018 10:59

It is a common knowledge that the dog is man’s best friend. The most beloved people’s pets have repeatedly proved this title. It is difficult to find a more faithful creature. The reaction of this dog to its owner’s return is another confirmation for the devoted nature. Only dogs can be so happy and joyful to meet their old friends!

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This dog couldn’t stop crying when its owner returned home for Christmas after three months of military exercises. Although these animals have no idea how to cry, this reaction can be easily compared to the tears of joy. The pet missed its owner, and it seemed every minute was a challenge to overcome.

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Dogs remember their owners very clearly and can feel sorrow for the disappeared person. During separation, the dogs are often noticed to whine and howl. Moreover, they also eat and go for a walk without much enthusiasm. It is not correct to leave a dog for a long time without proper preparation. If you leave a young dog for a long period, it will get used to your absence and won’t feel very bad. However, this doesn’t mean it won’t care at all – the dog will still wait. Parting with an adult animal may cause severe stress for a pet without the necessary preparation.  

The girl specified it was the oldest of her dogs. She has a few younger animals and many other pets who love her similarly. The dog’s reaction proves the girl is a good owner for her pets, regardless of the temporary departures!

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