She Destroys All Fitness Stereotypes: Maria Odugba Weighs 285 Lbs But Can Make Any Slender Beauty Feel Envious

Date October 1, 2018 14:09

Imagine an ordinary girl doing yoga. How would she look like? A slender, flexible, and probably a miniature cutie. If you think that all the fans of these physical exercises look just like that, you must be very wrong.

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Please, welcome – Maria Odugba, a girl who destroys all fitness stereotypes.

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Maria went popular on the Internet as soon as she became passionate about yoga a few years ago. The new hobby helped her lose about 150 lbs in the last 3 years. Maria is engaged in various types of exercises but admits that yoga remains the most difficult among them.


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Thanks to yoga, not only did the girl improve her physique, but also gained the necessary self-confidence:


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I realized that you don’t need to wear the smallest size to do everything. It was like the way a caterpillar hatches from a cocoon to become a butterfly. Now I can walk with my head held high. Previously, I was hiding behind my clothes, trying to be invisible, and now I live my real life.

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Of course, Maria constantly hears negative comments since not everyone can share her joy and pride. People believe that she needs to lose weight urgently, and not to waste her time. Luckily, there are still those who are inspired by Odugba’s example.


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The girl has always suffered from excess weight. While studying in college, she gained about 100-150 extra pounds. After a visit to the doctor, Maria realized that she had to do something with her health urgently, so she started attending yoga classes.

Most of all, Maria is happy that she helps people with excess weight stop being ashamed of their bodies by her example.


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We think that Maria’s story is an excellent motivation. It’s not about gaining a hundred extra pounds and starting to practice yoga, but about accepting yourself and becoming the best version of yourself day after day.

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