Stylist Magically Changed The Hairstyle Of A Young Mother Who Didn’t Have A Haircut For Many Years

Date October 4, 2018

Being a young mother and looking after your appearance at the same time is very difficult. All the children’s crying, diapers, underwear, and food are impossible to combine with the trips to beauty salons.

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Eliza’s life was also focused around her family and a newborn baby, so there wasn’t enough time for herself. The woman turned to the Makeover Guy project, where experienced stylists, makeup artists, and hairdressers transformed her into a new person in just a few hours!

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Eliza admitted that she wanted to cut her long hair. She was pretty tired of wearing it for many years. Moreover, her 9-month-old baby thinks that it is fun to hang on her hair like on lianas. The woman said she was ready for any changes in the image, and the team of stylists started their magic!

First of all, the hairdresser cut Eliza’s long hair, following with a magnificent haircut, painting, styling, and makeup. In a few hours later, Eliza has been changed beyond recognition!

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Of course, the woman freshened up and started to look much younger. However, we feel a little sorry for her long thick hair.

Do you enjoy the changes the woman allowed to make in her style? Would you dare to commit such “hair sacrifice” for the sake of a new image? Share your opinions in the comments.

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