They Outshined All The Mockers! Former 'Ugly Ducklings' Showed Their Miraculous Transformations


September 26, 2018 18:51 By Fabiosa

Fairy tales teach us a lot, including the fact that even the ugliest ducklings once turn into beautiful swans. Our today’s heroes are living proof of this. When they were schoolchildren, they were constantly teased by peers because of their different appearance. However, they have literally changed beyond recognition over these years.

Social networks users constantly invent new flash mobs where people share pictures of their experience. This time, a lot of people got engaged in another one, called "Be careful with those you call ugly." Hundreds of users shared their pictures from the school time and showed what wonderful changes have happened to them over this period. Probably, people who mocked them in childhood now strongly regret it!

The former ugly ducklings showed how they changed.

1. Indeed, the contact lenses changed her a lot.

Age ~11 to 20 - I owe a lot to contacts, braces, filling in my eyebrows, and my hairline somehow growing forward. from r/uglyduckling

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2. Sometimes, injuries make you think over your life.

Lost 50kg (110lbs) in 18 months after a rugby injury, started rowing for my university, got my MSc in mathematics from r/uglyduckling

3. Wow! What a hard gym work.


Публикация от @walkendiet

4. Perhaps, she couldn’t have dreamt of such forms at 12.

5. Her dentist worked really well.

12-23 puberty and private dentistry.. and let’s not forget fake tan and makeup get a lot of credit here! from r/uglyduckling

6. Here is what five years and changed life priorities can do with a man.

I don't even look like the same person anymore. 17-22. from r/uglyduckling

7. How wrong her father was.

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11-21... my dad used to call me ugly Betty, and I took it as a compliment from r/uglyduckling

8. The proper haircut influenced her image greatly.

17-23. No one calls me Bieber anymore. from r/uglyduckling

9. She could promote her former scouts’ organization.

4th grade me & 22 year old me. The photographer even made me push my glasses up because I liked to wear them on the tip of my nose -_-

10. This puppet can already forget about those smirky smiles.

17 to 22. My hair doesn't look like a bad wig anymore.

11. She must be so glad to reject those dates.

15 to 21 My former bullies have asked me out not even realizing we went to the same school for four years! :P from r/uglyduckling

12. Do you really think the case is in her hair color?

i always knew deep down i was a blonde (12 vs. 15 vs. 20) from r/uglyduckling

Those were astonishing transformations! Which one impressed you the most? Share your favorite one in the comments!

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