Two Different People: The Girl Lost 170 Lbs, And That Changed Her Face Completely!


October 5, 2018 14:37 By Fabiosa

Extra pounds can literally change a person beyond recognition. They distort facial features and visually add a few years. Our today’s heroine is a great example of this. Her immense love for food wasn't greater than her willpower, which led to an impressive result.


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Kaylee Bonnett was 24 years old. With the height of 5 feet and 8 inches, she weighed 480 lbs. This became a serious stumbling block on the road to her possible happy youth. Later Kaylee with a shudder would remember being taunted by the peers in childhood, called names by adults... At one point she simply stopped leaving her house for fear of being a circus monkey for passers-by.

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The girl used to be overweight as long as she could remember. In high school, she weighed 300 lbs. Kaylee almost never had any friends:

My life was like hell every day. I was afraid of chairs breaking under me. My makeup and hairstyle were constantly wet because of sweat after the smallest walk.

In the end, she developed hypertension and could have had diabetes. The doctor honestly warned her: if she didn't lose weight, she could end up with a stroke.


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Kaylee was scared:

I don’t want to die.

She understood that she couldn’t continue like this.

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The first thought was to have a stomach reduction surgery. However, the surgeon refused to do the operation:

My dear, you need to lose 30-45 lbs before you lie on the operating table.

Kaylee took the most decisive measures: she limited the number of calories consumed, began to eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates and started walking every day. When in a few months the girl came to see the surgeon again, she lost 75 lbs!


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The surgery was successful. Kaylee could hold her emotions:

I literally felt that my stomach became smaller. It hurt, especially when walking, but it didn’t stop me.

After that, she began to eat 800 calories a day, signed up for CrossFit and revised her diet completely. Now she weighs 300 lbs. Although she still has something to work on (Kaylee's dream weight is 225 lbs), she likes her new look.


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It’s hard not to notice that her appearance has changed a lot. The girl couldn’t imagine the changes would be so dramatic.


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Look at her beautiful chin line. Moreover, Kaylee’s look with makeup will prove she is a very nice girl. She has beautiful eyes and a sweet face.


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The number of followers on her Instagram account has increased dramatically. If people used to say harsh and offensive things to Kaylee, now they sincerely admire her result. She is a great motivator indeed. We have no doubts that Kaylee will achieve more.

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