Welcome A Woman With The Muscles That Surprise Even Professional Strongmen. She Has Been Training Since 14!

Date February 19, 2019

Natalia Kuznetsova is 27 years old. She is a professional powerlifter, record breaker in bench-pressing, world-class deadlifter, a professional bodybuilder, and the owner of other prestigious titles.

Now, the girl has incredible form. She is 5 ft 6 inches high with the weight about 200 lbs. Her hands measure 19 inches, and her waist – 30 inches.

At school, Natalia was an ordinary child. At the age of 14, she weighed only 85 lbs when she started her sporting way. Here is her photo.

Due to her excellent determination, she quickly began to gain weight and grow muscles.

Natalia is very popular on social networks. There are more than 335,000 subscribers on her Instagram profile.

The amazing woman trains every day and, at the same time, keeps a special diet.

To look more feminine, Natalia resorted to common plastic surgery: she increased her breasts.

Her husband, master of sports in freestyle wrestling, Vladislav Kuznetsov, supports a successful bodybuilder in all her endeavors.

According to Natalia, she takes anabolic steroids in small doses only before the competition.

People respect the girl’s life path and choice of the career:

What a beautiful woman you are! I admire you greatly!

However, Natalia still has many ill-wishers. She claims there is a stereotype in Russia that having excess weight is less shameful than strong muscles.

Natalia also has colleagues-rivals.

Bakhar Nabieva managed to become famous not only in Ukraine but also all over the world. This is thanks to her super-pumped legs.

Julia Vins is engaged in powerlifting since 2012.

And here is Dana Linn Bailey, nicknamed Deltasaurus.

Do you respect Natalia’s body and persistence? Maybe, you think this is too much? Share your opinions in the comments!

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