15 Plastic Surgeries And Tattoos On The Whole Body: The Unusual Transformation Of The Russian Bodybuilder Alexander Shpak

Date October 29, 2018 19:19

Celebrities usually hide their plastic surgeries and strongly deny having had any. Some even state that their lips got bigger or their cheeks narrowed with age.

Our subject today, Alexander Shpak, became famous for his numerous plastic surgeries. According to his own words, he has had 15 surgeries as of today.

Alexander has almost 2 million followers on Instagram and that number is growings fast. He is not afraid of public opinion and strives hard for his goal: to become famous. Negative comments don't bother him much, he either ignores or laughs at them.

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Alexander gets support from Irina who, according to his own words, is his sixth wife. The couple is often invited to various talk shows.

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It is difficult to imagine now, but Alexander didn't have such a shocking appearance before. He had a typical childhood. After finishing school, he went to university. Taking the example of his father he has been playing sports since he was 12. By the way, Shpak's father is a soldier.  


Having received an education in economics, Alexander didn't rush to find a job but started his training in the gym. After achieving his dream muscular body and becoming a coach, Shpak was struck by a thought: what's next? He became interested in plastic surgery to attempt to stand out among other bodybuilders and gain fame.

Alexander changed the size of the eyes, increased his lips, highlighted his cheekbones, lowered his nose, and got implants in his buttocks. Furthermore, a huge tattoo decorates his body.

The most amazing thing is that after all these modifications Shpak has made he became famous. His big dream came true, and we can only be happy for Alexander. Do you like how Shpak looked before surgery? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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