Aging With Pride: You Literally Can't Call These Hot Male Models Old

Date August 10, 2018 09:28

There are thousands of photos of elderly women who look absolutely stunning on the web. They are bragging of their beautiful body shape, long hair, and stylish outfits, and also share the secrets of beauty and self-confidence with pleasure. But what about men? Despite their age and gray hair, some men can maintain an excellent shape. Other men envy them, while women fall in love with them. These guys exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and love to be photographed.

We picked up some photos of beautiful men, whom you just won't be able to call old.

1. Anthony Varrecchia

Anthony is professionally engaged in modeling and fitness, trains people, and has his own clothing brand. He is 55, and he has never been so satisfied with his life than now.

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2. Alessandro Manfredini

This stylish Italian man is a graphic artist and sculptor. But 3 years ago, his life suddenly turned thanks to his beard. Alessandro was selected to participate in one project because of his beard, and after that, he has received dozens of invitations to various famous brands for cooperation. Now, he is a model and very happy about such changes.

3. Aiden Shaw

This is Aiden Shaw – a British writer, musician, and model. He always looks stylish and hides a stunning body under the suit, thanks to regular visits to the gym.

4. Mark Ray

This man is called the most stylish homeless. He indeed does not have his own home and lives on the roof of one building in New York. Mark spends earned money on his costumes and gym, where he takes a shower and stores his valuable things.

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5. Philippe Dumas

This hot man is a senior citizen from Paris who has always wanted to try himself in the modeling business. But he was able to achieve this only after having more than 60 years behind his back.

6. Ron Jack Foley

"Eat healthy and take care of your body," that's Ron's simple secret.

7. Paul Mason

This man has been working as a model for more than 30 years. Many call him the "Hipster Santa Claus." The image of a bearded man in a red suit seems to be just perfect for Paul.

8. Gianluca Vacchi

The "dancing millionaire," who is turning 51 this year, looks pretty damn good for his age. Don't you agree?

9. Anton Nilsson

Anton has been working as a model for ages. He collaborated with many well-known brands, had dozens shootings for magazines, including Men's Health. His perfect body and incredible eyes cannot leave any woman indifferent.

10. Seth Andrew Silver

And here is a photo of the most tattooed man in our collection. What a handsome guy!

All these men have much more in common than just the age and fit body. They share the same attitude toward life. They take a maximum from it. Let's learn from them!

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