Remarkable Weight Loss Story: Mother Loses 55 Pounds In Just Four Months

Date September 11, 2018

Haven't you thought about losing some extra pounds at least once in your life? Yeah, we all have had these thoughts. For some women it is just a whim, but for some others it becomes a necessity. Every woman deserves a beautiful figure, but unfortunately, the fitness model type of body is not granted. You might need to work a little bit to achieve your dream shape.

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We are here to tell you the real story of losing 55 pounds in just four months and inspire you for the future achievements. Meet - Jenna Jameson, the 44-year-old woman who weighed nearly 188 pounds not long before. She was hardly pleased with the numbers on her bathroom scales. But just sitting and dreaming about a perfect body was not an option for the woman. So, Jenna started to work on herself.

After just four months, Jenna has already weighed 133 pounds. We believe that she will not stop on this achievement. Before the decision to change her life, Jenna was sluggish and reluctant to even go for walks on the beach. She felt very slow but surely did not like this feeling.

The first step was a keto diet. This is a ketogenic or super low-carbohydrate diet, during which the body uses ketones produced by the liver from fat as a fuel. The most difficult thing was to fight the sugar and carb cravings, but a grapefruit citrus non-alcoholic drink (or simply grapefruit soda) helped a bit with the issue.

It is noteworthy to say that Jenna is the mother of 9-year-old twins, as well as the newborn baby, so she wanted to look better not only for herself but also for children. As the liver started processing the excess body fat, Jenna felt a boost of energy, and gradually, her diet was supplemented by physical activity.

Jenna has become an excellent proof that even an infant shouldn't stop you from caring for your body. By opting for the keto diet, the mother found the energy to support not only her children but also herself. Everyone deserves to be healthy.

It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat the right foods and exercise regularly. At any point in time, you are making a decision between what is immediately gratifying and what may be gratifying in the future. Make your future self healthier, thus happier by opting for some good changes in your life.

Jenna has managed to get in shape in just four months! We can only guess what results she will be able to achieve if she continues to work hard. Go, girl! Hopefully, this story will inspire you to start taking care of your body and health. Love yourself like no one else would!

                                                                                                                           Source: jennacantlose / Instagram

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