Wonderful Transformation: Woman Loses More Than 130 Pounds And Now Looks 10 Years Younger!

Date October 2, 2018

Excess weight adds years, and actually not just a few. Therefore, full people often look older and more "solid". But this is a rather questionable effect. The transition one weight category down can be beneficial not only to health and the figure, but also to your face. This story graphically illustrates how dramatic the changes can be.

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Several years ago, Misty Mitchell faced serious problems with her spine, which in result caused her to gain a lot of weight. The scale showed more than 300 lbs. In addition to that, the woman had issues with alcohol. Sometimes she could drink half a bottle of vodka a day.

When the woman decided to finally pull herself together, she removed alcohol from her diet. When a vertebral displacement was detected, she had to sell the house to pay for the operation. Later, Misty was fired from her job. This horrible streak of bad luck led the woman to emotional or stress eating.

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Later, the 300-pound smoking woman who could become an alcoholic in the nearest future wrote in her blog:

On February 19, 2015, I got on the scales and was horrified. My life was going downhill, and at that very moment I realized that I needed to change something, otherwise it will be too late... 

And she changed. At first, she quit drinking. Then she rejected hamburgers and French fries in favor of vegetables. Started doing yoga and going to the gym. Day after day, the results were more and more obvious.

When I used to tell someone I was 36, they wouldn't believed me. In the eyes of others, I was a fat middle aged woman. With the extra pounds, I lost 20 extra years.

The story of this beautiful girl is exceptionally inspiring. Her achievement proves once again that each of us has the potential, regardless of what happens in our life at a particular moment!

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