"How Is She Doing It?": Russian Federation Senator’s Hairdo Stirs Up Twitter

Date July 12, 2018

An Australian journalist has sparked an animated discussion on Twitter around an unusual hairdo of a Russian Federation official Valentina Petrenko.

After Alex Bruce-Smith has posted a few photos of the Republic of Khakassia’s senator, her page has become a platform of a most entertaining debate over the unusual looks of the powerful Russian politician.

Twitter users have developed many theories as to the origin of the sophisticated hairdo and shared countless photos of people and characters bearing resemblance to the senator in terms of hair. 

Some even found similarities between Valentina Petrenko and a rooftop.

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The others went as far as the Roman Empire.

Anyway, the issue of Khakassian senator’s appearance is still far from being settled. The hottest subject is how to make such an intricate hairdo and how much time it would take. Nobody on the entire Twitter has any idea how this is even possible.

As for us, we would very much like to see Valentina Petrenko’s hairdresser too! 

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