3-Year-Old Girl Was Given A Prosthetic Eye Made Of Her Own Stomach Fat


July 27, 2018 11:49 By Fabiosa

A pioneering eye surgery has been made on Myah Hauxwel from Nottingham (UK). The brave girl is still cheerful and full of hopes despite having had too many operations for her young age.

Myah was born with a small eye syndrome – she had only one eye. The girl’s mother, Lauren, says it came as a shock to the family, as there were no indications to any abnormalities during her pregnancy.

When the girl turned 1, doctors recommended a prosthetic eye, which was quite aesthetic. However, it was too heavy, eventually deforming the little face with asymmetry. To mitigate the effects, the girl had to suffer a few more operations but with no improvements. Besides, the presence of a foreign object caused her constant pains and various infections.

Then, doctors suggested substituting the heavy prosthesis for a light one made of the thinnest layer of Myah’s own stomach fat. They needed to take only 0.04 of an inch. The mother agreed.

The difficult and lengthy operation has become the first of a kind in Britain. Of course, it doesn’t restore eyesight, but there is hope that Myah won’t suffer pain and infections any more. As the girl grows up, she will have to get more surgeries. It is presumed that she will need her next one in two-three years.

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Now, Myah is going through a rehabilitation period, and the doctors are monitoring the unusual prosthesis. Perhaps, someone in the world will benefit from Myah’s experience. 

We wish Myah all the luck in the world!

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