Serbian Makeup Artist Has Become World Famous With Her Mesmerizing Body Painting Illusions

Date July 25, 2018

The beauty industry has never been advancing at such a pace. Many beauty experts got bored with classic makeups and are urged to try new frontiers. For example, Tal Peleg, a makeup artist from Israel, creates mesmerizing masterpieces on eyes.


Публикация от Tal Peleg (@tal_peleg)

Another artist from Serbia Mirjana Kika Milosevic has stepped up the game quite a notch. She knows how to turn invisible. Who hasn’t dreamed of possessing this superpower in childhood?

Mirjana created her own makeup studio named Kika Studio. Her specialty is body painting, which is a form of body art.

It looks so real, that it sends shivers up your spine!

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Mirjana could have easily done any horror movie better!

You can’t but admire her amazing acting skills as well. How do you find this incredibly charismatic Genie? You know what they say - a talented person is talented in everything!

Perhaps, this is what the proverbial emptiness in one’s soul looks like...?

Mirjana can turn men invisible, too.

On her YouTube channel, the Serbian shares all the secrets to creating these incredible images. A very intricate and thorough job!

This is nothing like we’ve ever seen! Some works look quite frightening, but you simply can’t turn away!

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