Amusing Wedding Prank: Bride Sends Her Brother For "First Look" Photos To Fool Her Nervous Husband

Date August 9, 2018

The ability to feel and support each other is perhaps the most important thing for a happy family life. The hero of this story, Val Zherelyev, is lucky, as his wife Heidi not only fervently loves him and is ready to give a hand in the most important and exciting moments, but also has an extraordinary sense of humor!

The couple from Arizona should've had a wedding photo shoot for newlyweds. However, the bride noticed that her future husband was very nervous. Heidi recalls:

He was a ball of nerves. His palms were sweaty. He was trembling.

"Laughter is the best medicine," the girl decided then and asked her brother Eric to help her. The bride and her friend dressed the young man in an old wedding dress.

According to Heidi's plan, Eric had to come to the photo session instead of her, thus surprising her beloved husband and reducing the tension.

The bride's brother prepared for this responsible mission thoroughly. He even used Heidi's perfume and deodorant to smell like her, and not give himself out too early.

And now, you can see him sneaking onto the worried groom ...

When Val turns around, he doesn't see his love in front of himself, and instead. there's her brother, Eric!

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The photographer was aware of the bride's witty prank and managed to capture this funny moment.

It seems that Eric got used to the role of the bride just perfectly!

He and Val even made some hilarious stereotypical wedding photos.

Thanks to Heidi's joke, the photo shoot went in a relaxed romantic atmosphere - the groom was absolutely calm and enjoyed the memorable event with his beloved.

Later, Val admitted that this prank happened to be one of the most vivid and funny things about the wedding. However, it was his wife's sharp and positive mind that blew the man away. Don't forget to play with each other!

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