Murder Story “Told” By The Victim Will Give You Chills. Justice Must Be Served Even 45 Years Later!

Date July 13, 2018 11:02

This story resembles a plot of a good thriller movie, except for it actually happened, and after 45 years, there never was a finale.

Thousands of internet users in the USA are captivated by an almost half a century old murder, which hasn’t been solved yet. What’s the big deal, you could say, there are thousands of cases like this, how is this one special? Here’s how - Newport Beach police officers decided to tell this story from the victim’s perspective. In this way, the law enforcement officers are hoping to give this case publicity and, ideally, find the murderer.

The story is narrated on Twitter, and every post with #LindasStory really gets under your skin.

In the following messages Linda "revealed" how she got up on July 6, put on a dress, and left her house. For the last time.

Linda was a shy one. She didn’t use to speak as much as other girls and cried a lot. For example, last time she cried was when her cat had died.

After the classes Linda called her mom.

I said goodbye to girls and went back in school to call my mom. She couldn’t pick me up. She told me to walk home. I got upset and cried (I’m an easy crier, remember?).

Linda spent some time at school. Later, she was seen by only one woman.

Jannine and her mom drove by, but the woman had a bad feeling about it. Probably, it was the maternal instinct.

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Linda’s mom didn’t worry that her daughter wasn’t home on time. She assumed the girl had decided to go for a walk with her friends. The father came home, and only after 6 pm, the parents sounded the alarm. The father drove all over the town in search of his daughter but didn’t find her anywhere.

Every police officer was involved in the search of the little girl. They searched forests, fields, coast, but... all in vain. Later, one woman recalled (she hadn’t known about the tragedy back then) that on that evening, she heard a cry: "Stop, you’re hurting me!" She listened but didn’t hear anything else.

In the morning, Linda was found not far from her house. A local resident with sons went to the water, when they discovered the strangled girl. It is reported that she was fully clothed and there were no signs of sexual assault. An 18-year-old was arrested on suspicion but later released for the lack of evidence.

Linda’s story told in the first person did get through to public. People retweet and ask to spread the photo to find the killer.

We hope that Linda O’Keefe’s case will be closed, and the justice will be served, even after almost 50 years!

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