6 Things To Keep To Yourself Even If Asked

Date May 28, 2018 11:16

Humans are social creatures, and we can’t live without communication. It is hard not to speak with anyone, not to share our thoughts and worries. However, sometimes, a conversation turns from "food for thought" into real “poison,” and makes your partner want to finish it and avoid you in the future.

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1. Own diseases

It is one thing when your closest friend, relative, or a family member is interested in your state of health. But most people are not interested in detailed information about your medical tests, doctor’s appointments, and well-being by the day with all symptoms.

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We like to talk about ourselves and, after certain age, to go into length about our health. But when two elderly ladies are discussing arthritis on a bench, probably they have similar problems and treatments, as for your gingival abscess or hemorrhoids - they wouldn’t care.

2. Past relationships

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You are not likely to avoid this subject entering a new relationship, nor should you. When the moment is right (don’t wait for it to be perfect), it’s better to tell or listen about your partner’s ex. It reveals much about the personality and character.

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However, is it enough to say that there was a relationship and the reason you broke up, without speculating on how good or bad you were together, what you did and where you went? This is the past, and you are on the new page.

3. Own archive

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Sometimes, you are asked to show pictures of your vacation. And then, you are tempted to display all 150 pictures, including bad takes.

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The same goes for your own handcraft, family albums, favorite videos, etc. Being too persistent in these will not make anyone like you; on the contrary, it will make people want to find an excuse and avoid your company.

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4. Other people’s secrets

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Gossiping is a no no. Not only because you are trying to be a decent person, but also because to talk unkindly behind somebody’s back is ungracious, and nothing good ever comes out of it. The situation may reverse, or the facts may get distorted with an increasing number of people retelling it, and you will be known as the source. It will be so embarrassing! It’s better to stay out of other people’s business, let alone family matters.

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For example, you spotted your friend’s husband lying. To keep silent or to tell? Let them handle it themselves, not to make a mess trying to help.

5. Other people’s children

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Remember a simple rule: never criticize children in front of their parents; especially, in front of their mothers. Even if it’s true, she will deny it, and she will only strengthen in her belief that her child is the best.

6. "Me”

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The less you talk about yourself, the better. First, the less people know about you, the better. Second, there is a risk of going too far, and then your dialogue turns into a monologue. Silence is always better than jibber-jabber, and as George Bernard Shaw once said:

Choose silence of all virtues, for by it you hear other men's imperfections, and conceal your own.

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You will become excellent interlocutor and will discover a new side of communication, if you pay attention to your partner. If every person will be just waiting for their turn to speak, it will be far from a conversation, as nobody will be heard.

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