“Will Our Son Like Living With Such Parents?” Young Couple Loses Incredible 240 Pounds

“Will Our Son Like Living With Such Parents?” Young Couple Loses Incredible 240 Pounds In 8 Months


June 21, 2018 14:33 By Fabiosa

Excess weight is a large scale problem of the modern society. It lowers self-esteem, creates social challenges and, of course, poses a threat to health. Even without the first two, the third aspect can’t be ignored. After all, health is everything – you can’t buy it and with age, unfortunately, health problems only get worse. Why not take care of the body, making the life better physiologically and psychologically? You don’t have to be as slim as a toothpick, gnawing on a celery stalk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can eat reasonably healthy, sometimes indulging in your favorite foods, and still stay within your comfortable weight.

Now, we are going to tell you about an amazing weight loss story of a married couple. They dropped 240 pounds combined in only 8 months! What a stunning transformation! It seems they have become different people.

26-year-old Russian Darina Tsyganova doesn’t remember ever being slim. Her parents separated when she was 4, and most of her time she spent with her grandmother who was in charge of a food service company. Her home was always full of fatty and starchy (but insanely delicious to the child) goodies. Since then, little Darina was brought up with a spoon in her mouth, so to speak – the granny took a job of feeding her grandchild very seriously, and Darina went to the first grade weighing 90 pounds.

"Such a rock," the girl remembers good-humoredly.

Now, Darina realizes that she was raised with a wrong idea of how eating works. Her grandma taught her to eat constantly. Darina wasn’t comfortable when there was food lying around in the fridge. It had to be devoured! The girl ate till she was stuffed, then waited for a few hours to let it settle and ate some more, while her dear grandma kept encouraging her.

In 15, Darina weighed 190 pounds, with a habit of eating until it hurt.

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After graduating school, Darina met her future husband, Andrey. He did sports and was quite athletic in his 19. When they started living together, Andrey got under her spell and started gaining weight, too. The two young and capable adults didn’t work freeloading on their parents and kept eating. They weighed approximately 290 pounds each, and were happy with it.

Then, a baby was born, Andrey found a job, but the overeating didn’t stop.

Once, looking at her husband and the son, it dawned on Darina:

We are young people from normal families. We don't have to live like this!

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Darina became obsessed with losing weight, but didn’t know where to start. She went to visit her mom for a few weeks, and the woman supported her daughter’s new idea. When Darina returned, she saw that her husband got a bit slimmer, which inspired them even more.

First of all, the couple got rid of all the salt and sugar in the house, bought scales, and started jogging on a regular basis. They started small – 100 yards.

It was unbearable, but in the first month, they lost 17 pounds. Although the result was hardly noticeable, they didn’t get discouraged and kept doing baby steps.

When they were ready to throw in the towel, Darina imagined how she walked her son to school on September 1. How would their son like living with obese parents?

Now, Darina knows that healthy eating doesn’t have anything to do with starving. You can have 5 delicious meals a day without gaining weight. You can even have chocolate, just not a few bars at a time!

The story of this Russian couple is truly inspiring. A great example that everything is in our hands. The main thing is to set real goals and get closer to your dream one step at a time!

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