Puzzle Tweeted From Japan Only Few Managed To Solve


June 27, 2018 15:53 By Fabiosa

Sure you love puzzles. Life is full of them, take your children’s homework alone! Or audit!

Today we offer you to stretch your brains with this puzzle tweeted from Japan. Warning: It’s not an easy one!

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Ready? Here it is:

The conditions are very clear and understandable:

Three people are going to divide two apples between them. Using a knife only once, how can they make sure the amounts received are exactly equal?

By the way, this puzzle has been retweeted 12 thousand times and collected 10 thousand likes.

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There’s been a wide range of solutions.

It was proposed to grind the apples up and make apple juice and then share it. Apparently, this user forgot that there is only knife in the condition.

Another solution, proposed on Twitter is rather violent but, in fact, complies with the conditions of the puzzle:

It was also proposed to sell the knife, then use the money to buy another apple, which is of course not right, yet humane.

There were more interesting solutions, including the use of a fruit cutting device:

All of the above are amusing, still, wrong answers.

What about you? Have you figured it out already? Take a few more minutes, while we leave the solution below. So - spoiler alert!

Valua Vitaly / Shutterstock.com

Here is the scheme drawn by a Japanese Twitter user @SF64052250:

We are thrilled to practice this method on real apples!

Let us know, if you figured it out on your own, or write alternative solutions in the comments!

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