This Is A True Story: 7 Powerful Movies Based On Real Events

Date May 25, 2018

Sometimes, real life proves to be the best scriptwriter. Some events change the course of human history and leave a trace for centuries. They are portrayed in many books, movies, and series. But, when reading a book or watching a movie, it’s hard to believe that these events actually took place.

We prepared a list of 7 new movies based on real events.

1. "I, Tonya”

The plot follows the life of Tonya Harding, one of the most famous figure skaters. She gained fame not only with her athletic achievements, but also controversial actions. Difficult childhood and her mother’s strict parenting forged her character. Tonya wanted to succeed is figure skating — and she did it. But there is a downside to being obsessed with victory.

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2. "Rebel in the Rye"

A life story of J.D. Salinger, a famous American writer of immense contribution to the world culture, is revealed in front of the viewers’ eyes. His novel "The Catcher in the Rye" is still in great request.

Horrors of the World War II, death of friends, a broken heart shaped the author’s mindset and character. The book’s tremendous success condemns Salinger to a secluded life.

3. "All the Money in the World"

It is pleasant to think that money can solve all problems. But, as it appears, it is not so. When Paul Getty, a billionaire oil tycoon, was demanded a ransom for his kidnapped grandson, he refused to pay. His penniless mother and a Getty’s own employee become the young man’s only hope.

4. "The Post"

The American government was deceiving its people about the Vietnam War for years. Classified documents, with which the government conspiracy could be finally revealed, fell into hands of a Washington Post editor. His superiors were left with a riddle: to keep quiet, or to go public with the shocking truth.

5. "Lion"

Nobody would have believed this story, if it hadn’t been real. The film tells a story of a boy named Saroo trying to find his family, which he lost many years ago. But this is a difficult thing to do in densely-populated India. Will he find his parents?

6. "Colonia"

The plot is based on a story of a young German couple, which happened to be in Chile at the time of a military coup. After the young man has been kidnapped by the police, the girl sets off to find him. She never thought they would find themselves in a place of no escape.

7. "Darkest Hour"

One of the darkest times in the human history was World War II. That is when Winston Churchill became the prime minister of Great Britain, assuming responsibility over millions of peoples’ lives.

If you haven’t watched these movie, you should. You will not regret it.

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