Why People Gain Weight After 40 and Ways To Change It

Date March 25, 2019 15:56

Not being overweight does not only mean moving easily, but also being healthy above all things. This issue becomes particularly acute with age when you don't have that life energy that didn't let you sit around. Which is why it's crucial to control your weight and not allow fat deposits in the wrong places.

Reasons behind extra weight

One of the important landmarks comes after 40 years old when natural changes occur in the body, potentially leading to excess weight gain. So what are those reasons?

Hormone system change

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Menopause is connected with the halting of estrogen production, which may lead to hormonal changes. Lipid and carbohydrate exchange disorder (dysmetabolic syndrome) occurs, leading to increased glucose and "bad" cholesterol levels in the blood.

Decreased metabolism

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Having an unchanged diet and physical activity, you can gain 4-6 extra pounds per year due to the decreased metabolism and 60 kcal being left unburnt daily. It will find a place to deposit on your body. 

Muscle mass reduction

After 40, your muscle mass drops significantly faster, which leads to decreasing metabolism.

How to avoid gaining weight

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On the basis of the above-mentioned reasons, the ways of dealing with the appearance of extra weight with age should be:

  • switching to a healthier diet: limit the consumption of fast (simple) carbohydrates, opting instead for slow carbohydrates (complex) and fiber-rich foods;
  • consuming foods high in protein;
  • drinking more water;
  • increasing physical activity level: highly recommended types include swimming, yoga and pilates;
  • avoiding stressful situations;
  • doing art or crafts (painting, knitting);
  • paying more attention to walking outdoors, breathing in the fresh air;
  • ensure a good night's sleep;
  • start to keep a health diary to track your weight, dimensions, and burnt calories.

These simple yet at the same time powerful methods can help you prevent gaining extra pounds, keep your beautiful and toned shape for years to come, as well as be in good spirits.

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