Hypertension: 5 Products To Be Included In The Diet As A Preventive Measure, The Sooner The Better

Date May 13, 2019 18:25

It is known for a fact that taking medications is the only way to lower the blood pressure. Still, prevention is always better than treatment. In the case of high blood pressure, it could be done with commonplace products. Add them to your diet, and the sooner the better!

5 products to consume as a preventive measure against hypertension

There are a number of products that reduce the signs of hypertension when consumed regularly.

1. Honey

This goodie does a great job dilating blood vessels. To achieve the desired result, it is enough to consume two teaspoons of honey on an empty stomach with a bit of warm water.

2. Watermelon seeds

This product contains cucurbocitrin, which dilates the blood vessels. To prevent hypertension, take one teaspoon of crushed watermelon seeds twice a day.

3. Lemon

Citrus juice helps maintain the elasticity of blood vessels. That's why doctors recommend the hypertensive patient to consume lemons regularly.

4. Banana

Only two of this tropical fruit a day can reduce blood pressure due to the high content of potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, and folic acid.

5. Celery

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All parts of this plant are useful for hypertensive patients. Celery relaxes the heart muscle and improves the flow of blood to the organs. In addition, its root and leaves contain valuable biologically active substances: amino acids, essential oils, vitamins, and microelements.

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Note: all these products have a preventive effect!

Other means of prevention

In addition to food, outdoor walks are a good prevention of hypertension. If you can’t go outside, just open a window and air your room well!

You can also apply the following methods:

  1. Massage the collar zone, as well as the head, chest, shoulder girdle, abdominal and shoulder blade area. This procedure requires the usage of relaxing techniques.
  2. A stream of hot water directed to the back of the head. This procedure should last for 5-7 minutes. Make sure to keep your head straight.
  3. Distracting hot baths for hands. Spend 10 to 15 minutes for this procedure.

Attention: if a tonometer shows 140/90 and higher for a prolonged period of time, you urgently need to go to the hospital. This is especially important if high blood pressure is accompanied by any of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, general weakness, buzzing in ears, or disturbance of vision.

We hope that these tips will help you feel healthy. Do not forget to share this valuable information with your friends!

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