8 Effective Exercises 4 Minutes Daily Help Your Body Incredibly Transform. Summer Is Coming!

Date June 8, 2018

Among all possible workouts, there is one that became almost all sportsmen's favorite — tabata. It's very short and highly effective. You might be interested if tabata helps in losing weight, right? "Hell yeah!" trainers answer!

Tabata is a high-intensity training where the weight session follows the rest: 8 exercises for 20 seconds, after every 10 seconds — rest. All together takes 4 minutes. If you are not lazy, you will see the results soon.

The workout is effective since you challenge your body. Intensive work during a short period leads to profitable fat burn. Certified personal trainer and fitness instructor Amy Kiser Schemper will show you tabata and its technique.  

Important: 20 secs for one exercise, after every 10 seconds — rest.

Effective workout for losing weight

1. Crossover lunges back with a jump.

BodyFit By Amy / YouTube

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2. Lunges back. 

BodyFit By Amy / YouTube

3. Triceps push-ups.

BodyFit By Amy / YouTube

4. Pull up knees to elbows. 

BodyFit By Amy / YouTube

5. Right side lunges.

BodyFit By Amy / YouTube

6. Left side lunges.

BodyFit By Amy / YouTube

7. Boxing.

BodyFit By Amy / YouTube

8. Side lunge, jump, and lean.

BodyFit By Amy / YouTube

Remember that to achieve a noticeable result, put best foot forward. Before training, do not forget to warm up.

Regularity is above all here. This way, in summer, you will be able to impress everyone with your perfect body. Save the set of exercises and train in your free time! 

Adapted from: BodyFit By Amy / YouTube

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