What Are Soft Tampons? Everything You Need To Know About New Hygiene Product

Date June 7, 2018

Soft tampon is the newest thing in female intimate hygiene. They are made of hygroscopic hypoallergenic material; they don’t cause intolerance, itching or burning, as other hygiene products sometimes do. Their full compliance with hygienic safety requirements is confirmed by numerous dermatological and clinical tests.

Features, advantages and disadvantages of soft tampons

Thanks to soft tampons, you can easily do sports, visit a spa or a pool, and have sex on your period.

Below, we present several of many other indisputable advantages of this feminine hygiene product:

  1. They don’t expand by absorbing menstrual flow, that is, they provide comfort even on the days of heavy discharge.
  2. Soft tampons do not leak during any activity, they are absolutely reliable.
  3. According to the manufacturers, this is a disposable product. The product line is represented by three levels of absorbency, and lets you choose the one suitable for your particular situation.
  4. If you apply a sporicidal agent on a tampon, it can be used as a contraceptive preventing an undesired pregnancy. In this case, it will be as reliable as the spermicide being used.

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    Due to its soft texture and elasticity, neither a woman nor her partner will feel it. In addition to being completely unperceivable, it also eliminates the risk of vaginal membrane abrasions or other discomfort. Unlike their predecessors, soft tampons are not equipped with threads sticking out of a vagina in order to preserve the aesthetic component of the intimacy.

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    Along with a variety of advantages, these female hygiene products also have a few drawbacks:

    1. The absence of an applicator means that you must carefully control the cleanliness of your hands when inserting a tampon and removing it, so as not to introduce an infection into the genital tract.
    2. High cost in comparison with other intimate hygiene products.

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    Hygienic products of this segment are suitable for women who:

    • can’t use conventional tampons due to allergic reactions (side effects of soft tampons as well as allergic reactions to them have not yet been established);
    • are prone to increased sweating (pads aggravate this problem).

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    How to use soft tampons?

    Soft tampons are made of synthetic hypo-allergenic material, resembling a sponge to the touch.

    They are fairly easy to insert into the vagina - you won’t need special skills for that. The insertion doesn’t cause any discomfort due to the soft texture of the product. The product is heart-shaped. It has a hole for a finger on its wider portion, and it is supposed to be introduced a tip first.

    Prior to insertion, the tampon must be first lubricated. As a rule, lubricant is included in the kit along with the instructions. The product is as simple to remove – use the cut on its wider part again for extraction.

    A soft-tampon is a more convenient alternative to the usual hygiene products. The main advantage of the products of this type is absolute safety and reliability. That’s why it can be the best choice for many women.

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