5 Effective Exercises For Women Over 40 That Are Safer And Easier Than Jogging

Date July 6, 2018

The positive effects of jogging are indisputable and have been known for a long time. This is an excellent way to strengthen cardiovascular system and prevent numerous diseases. This type of physical activity helps you burn calories, enriches your body with oxygen, keeps your muscles toned, improves your stamina and strength.

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However, jogging is not for everyone! Some people just do not like it, others simply consider morning runs a waste of time.

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But there is a more serious obstacle – knee pain. The fact is, joints get weaker with time, which is why the choice of exercises should be taken very seriously. It would be better to avoid jogging, jumping and climbing. Safety and health are above all. Especially, if you’ve had a knee injury before.

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Jogging doesn’t cause arthritis on its own, but at the same, time it increases the load on the legs and the joints. In the end, you may do more harm than good. There are other types of cardio workouts to satisfy your fitness needs.

We picked up 5 alternative ways of exercising, which are especially suitable for women over 40.

1. Swimming

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Swimming is considered a perfect way to keep cardiovascular system in a good shape. All muscle groups and each joint receive their load share without any harm. This low-impact exercise is especially good for those who suffer from high blood pressure or heart diseases.

2. Pilates

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As flexibility of joints decreases with age, pilates may help recover it. This kind of training is used in physiotherapy facilities for rehabilitation for people after injuries. These exercises are safe for joints, since all the movements are performed smoothly and at low intensity. At the same time, it makes your whole body work, thus burning more calories.

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3. Dancing

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If you love music and dancing, then you’re all set for a perfect cardio training! Just turn on your favorite song and let your body move. Physical activity combined with music will provide a perfect exercise and a great mood. Dancing will help you burn calories and keep your body toned. You can choose your own pace and intensity of workouts.

4. Cycling

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A bicycle stroll can be a great workout for your knees, but only on one condition: You need to drive on a smooth road! A bumpy ride will put additional pressure on your joints, which is unacceptable.

Spending time outdoors is always beneficial, only make sure your bike is OK in advance.

5. Nordic walking

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Hiking has long been known to be an effective type of cardio. Now it was supplemented by an important element - walking poles, which resemble ski poles.

The advantage of Nordic walking is that it involves the whole body, not only legs, as you make efforts leaning on the sticks at every step.

This exercise is especially useful for older people due to higher aerobic activity – it strengthens muscles with no danger to the knees. In comparison with the usual walking, all the muscles of the body are involved.

The activities set above are perfect for people over 40, as they increase stamina and strength, and improve the function of the cardiovascular system. Don’t forget to consider the safety of your health when choosing your way of exercising.

Make this a useful habit and it will prolong youth and enrich your life. Don’t feel restricted by this list – pick up an activity you’ve always wanted. It will keep your body healthy and fit, and cheer you up!

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