9 Early Signs Of Pregnancy Not So Many Know About

Date July 17, 2018

Most people know the signs which say it’s time to run to a pharmacy for a pregnancy test, and then – to a gynecologist. But there are more indicators of an early pregnancy.

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Today we will tell you about 9 early symptoms, which can indicate that you will soon become a mother.

1. Breasts get bigger and sore

Some changes in size and sensitivity are characteristic of the second phase of the menstrual cycle. This is due to the action of progesterone, the hormone synthesized in the ovary after ovulation. These symptoms can be stronger during PMS, so it can’t always be contributed to the early stages of pregnancy until there is a delay in periods, or unless it is diagnosed by objective methods.

Unlike PMS, which usually begins a few days or a week before menstruation, ends with the onset of menstrual discharge, and doesn’t depend on whether unprotected intercourse has occurred in this cycle or not, with the onset of pregnancy breasts may increase in size in a short time after the conception.

A special MIA application will help clarify whether there was an unprotected sexual intercourse during ovulation, when exactly your PMS usually begins, and what its usual symptoms are. This will help confirm pregnancy in the early stages.

2. Fatigue, weakness, drowsiness

These signs can be very similar to those of ARVI. MIA app will remind you about unprotected sexual intercourse during the periovulatory period and draw your attention to other accompanying symptoms, which may indicate early pregnancy even before a delay in menstruation.

3. Nausea

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Especially, on an empty stomach or in the morning. Toxemia of pregnancy can begin at any stage of the first trimester.

4. Change in taste preferences, intolerance of some smells

5. Implantation bleeding

This symptom is sometimes overlooked. Bleeding occurs on the 10-14th day after ovulation, when the fetal egg has already reached the uterine cavity through the fallopian tubes and has implanted on its wall. Bloody discharge during implantation is not red as in menstruation, but light pink or dark brown without any clots. Bleeding can last from a few hours to 1-2 days. Implantation bleeding differs from ovulatory bloody discharge by the day in the menstrual cycle when it occurs.

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With the help of MIA application, you can see on what day it occurred, compare the nature of the discharge with menstrual (specifically for you, as the volume and duration of menstrual flow is genetically determined and purely individual), recall whether there was an unprotected intercourse in this cycle, as well as correlate this information with other early signs of pregnancy.

6. Nagging pain in the lower back and lower abdomen

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With the onset of pregnancy, the influx of blood to the uterus starts to increase, which can quickly affect your health.

7. Increase in basal body temperature

With a normal two-phase menstrual cycle, it starts lowering after day 22-23. In case of pregnancy, after ovulation, the basal temperature rises to 98.6 °F (37 °C) and higher, and it doesn’t go down, as the level of progesterone remains high consistently.

8. Frequent urges to urinate

You can suddenly notice that you've been visiting the restroom too often. This is due to progesterone.

9. Delay in menstruation

If you notice some of these symptoms, there are solid grounds to assume that you may be pregnant. Still, in order to verify the situation accurately, make an appointment with a doctor.

Source: obstetrician-gynecologist Lilit Nasibyan

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