How To Cope With Toxicosis Of Pregnancy: Psychologist’s And Gynecologist’s Advice

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June 8, 2018 16:04 By Fabiosa

Nausea or even vomiting in the mornings, dizziness, drowsiness all these symptoms are related to toxicosis of pregnancy. Doctors consider it a medical condition, psychologists see a psychological side to it. The state of mental discomfort and associated nervous tension may cause toxicosis.


Psychologist’s opinion and recommendations

At the beginning of pregnancy, a woman has to adapt to changes in her body and quite often, completely change her way of life. Learning about their state, many refuse to go to a gym, cut down on friendly gatherings, limit their activity, and may even change the profession.

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During this period a woman has to rebuild the inner image of herself. Now, her attention is more focused on information about pregnancy and childbirth, parenting. Her social circle changes. Not everybody shares pregnant woman’s topics of interest.

A pregnant woman is often anxious. She worries about the course of the pregnancy, whether she will manage it, whether she will lose her appeal, how the relationship with husband will change, etc. All these thoughts may evoke various feelings. From the psychosomatics point of view, nausea and vomiting are interpreted as the inability to "digest" a situation or information, as a rejection of it, disgust for it etc. If you are suffering from toxicosis and your feelings are too complex for you to figure out, contact a psychologist or a therapist for help.

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Perhaps, once you eliminate mental discomfort, your body will stop with these unpleasant symptoms.

Gynecologist’s opinion and recommendations

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Toxicosis occurs, as a rule, on the weeks 4-5 and ends on the weeks 11-12. That is, early toxicosis is a condition characteristic of the first trimester of pregnancy. It is defined by fits of nausea, vomiting, drooling in the mornings and on an empty stomach. Toxicosis is not the norm. If vomiting occurs 5-7 times a day, you can try fighting it at home, if 10 times, then you should go to the hospital.

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How to deal with the symptoms of toxicosis

Avoid large time intervals between meals and large servings. It is recommended to eat 5-6 times a day, but servings should be very small. You should always have something edible with you like digestive cookies, nuts, fruits.

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If vomiting occurs first thing in the morning, in the evening you should put some food close to you to eat it immediately on waking up. If nausea and vomiting occur in the second half of the day, it means that they are partly caused by nervous overstrain and fatigue.

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It is necessary to have a rest, to walk outside, to drink soothing teas. This doesn’t count as split meals of course. Eliminate fat food and one which is difficult to digest. Remove products that can cause nausea from your diet. In addition, a slice of lemon and mint tea are useful. To manage drooling, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with chamomile, sage, and mint teas.

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Difficulties in communicating with friends and colleagues

At the very beginning of pregnancy, mothers-to-be may already face problems in communicating with others.

Difficulties in communicating with friends can begin if they lead an active lifestyle and before pregnancy, you used to share these interests. Now, you have to limit your physical activity and put away your snowboard or roller blades for a while.

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How to replace? Instead of strength training, sign up for yoga or aqua aerobics for pregnant women. You can get healthier there, and also make new friends with common interests. Well, you can always take your old friends along on hiking trips.

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Difficulties in communicating with colleagues.

If you are not ready to tell colleagues about your situation just yet, you may face resentment, misunderstanding, and even anger. They notice the changes in you and don’t understand their cause. Your colleagues can’t know why you missed out on a corporate party, stopped hanging out in a smoking room, turned down a shopping invitation, and so on.

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Do you have to stay late or take days off because of poor health or doctor’s appointments? This can also irritate your colleagues. Each mystery has a price, and you will either have to tell them about the true reasons for your changes or accept the fact that your colleagues treat you differently for a while. After all, when they eventually find out, they will probably apologize for their behavior.

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