Male PMS: What Is It And What Are The Symptoms

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June 5, 2018 16:52 By Fabiosa

Drowsiness, fast fatigue, sexual activity fluctuations, apathy, depression followed by groundless irritability are very similar to PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, right? In fact, these are signs of a hormone-mediated psychoneurotic state of males.

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Recently, the so-called male PMS, or the irritable male syndrome, has become a hot topic. Scottish researcher Dr. Gerald Lincoln noticed that when sex hormones are low, male sheep became aggressive, and first described this phenomenon in 2002. He also coined the term 'irritable male syndrome', or IMS.

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Later, in 2005, Jed Diamond conducted a study involving people. Its results showed that fluctuations in the level of the male sex hormone, testosterone, cause a number of psycho-emotional and behavioral changes in men - all the symptoms described above are explained by its low level in blood.

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Features of the PMS in women

The PMS is a cyclic complex of symptoms that occur in some women a few days before menstruation and usually stops a day after its onset. It is caused by fluctuations of several hormones preparing the uterine cavity and the entire female body for possible pregnancy.

The PMS in women, in addition to a psychoemotional element, is also accompanied by the fluctuations in the following functions:

  • vegetovascular – irregular blood pressure, headaches;
  • metabolic endocrine – breast swelling and sensitivity.

In combination, these disturbances adversely affect women’s habitual way of life. In addition, these unpleasant phenomena are regularly repeated, from cycle to cycle.

Is there a male PMS?

Despite the apparent similarity, it's incorrect to talk about the PMS in men. Obviously, men don’t have pregnancy or menstruation, so the term itself already loses its meaning. In addition, in men, there is no cycle of the hormonal fluctuations causing the PMS in the first place.

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However, testosterone is generated in some patterns in men. Its generation is higher in the mornings than in the evening, as well as in spring (with the peak in April) in comparison with autumn, and also depends on age.

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Although young men can also be affected by the IMS, the synthesis of sex hormones naturally decreases in 40-50, which in combination with the psychological decline caused by the awareness of aging, leads to significantly more frequent occurrences of this phenomenon.

Nevertheless, normal hormonal fluctuations are still milder than IMS. The discomfort is most likely explained by a natural hormonal decline and the impact of other unfavorable factors, in particular, stress.

The other factors include:

  • hypodynamia;
  • overwork;
  • malnutrition;
  • disturbance of sleep and wakefulness;
  • some medications.

Remember that hormone-induced male irritability is not infectious and does not synchronize with women's cycles.

These symptoms can be successfully alleviated unless they are caused not by pathological conditions characteristic of other diseases. So, in case of the IMS, the remedies include sports, healthy nutrition, sufficient sleep, regular sexual relationships, as well as the support of a close and loving person.

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