Heavy Burden After The Labor: The Expert's Advice On How To Deal With Postpartum Depression

Date July 5, 2018 16:03

After leaving the maternity home, when the congratulations are over, and you adapted a little to the new mother's role, it suddenly turns out you are not happy with the situation around.

You receive no delight from caring your child, and the husband seems to be a stranger; you suffer from insomnia, or, conversely, you always want to sleep; you have no appetite, and you often cry yourself to sleep. It looks like you have all the signs of postpartum depression.

Ways to cure

This is the exact case when you have to drop everything and visit psychologist or psychotherapist – an expert who specializes in working with such conditions.

The last thing you should do is to say you have no time. You have to take care of yourself and ask your husband or relatives to stay with the child, while you visit a specialist. The baby needs a healthy mother! This is very important for their development. After several meetings with a specialist, you will feel much easier.

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If necessary, the psychologist will send you a consultation with a psychiatrist who can prescribe you medications in order to alleviate the condition. Women with postpartum depression aren’t prescribed antidepressants or other medications so often, but if the doctor still considers this necessary, they should not be refused.

Why postpartum depression occurs

Underlying conditions:

  • Propensity to depression and other emotional disturbances. If you have suffered from such ailments before the labor, then the stress associated with childbirth and the postpartum period may aggravate your condition.
  • External factors. Difficult labor, postpartum complications, newborn birth defects, and other similar things that have become unexpected for the mother can lead to postpartum depression.

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  • Psychological unwillingness of the mother to give birth to a baby. When the mother’s responsibility and fault are too big, and the moral and physical support from the others is too small, the maternal psyche cannot cope. Ask for help from your husband and relatives. In the most severe cases, go to the psychologist urgently. They will teach you to tell your loved ones about your fatigue and ask for help without feeling guilty or ashamed.

  • Lack of sleep. Do you remember the terrible stories about the war, when people were deprived of their nightly rest? The young mother’s body, of course, is a home to many hormones that help to survive sleepless nights but remember: you desperately need to have rest. At least from time to time.

Your psyche needs to be restored. Use every free minute to sleep. Plan your day sleep together with your baby. Practice sharing it at night. Find a way that would perfect for you.

Positive emotions

They are just what you might need. You have to find time to go to a cinema or theater with your husband, practice your small hobbies, go to a beauty center or receive spa treatment. You need to devote time to your needs, monitor your appearance and organize yourself a bit of such a necessary entertainment. Also, do not forget, you and your husband are a couple, and you both need to develop your passionate relationship. Do not deprive yourself and the spouse of a joint pastime. Find opportunities for intimate communication.

We hope the phrase "postpartum depression" was familiar to you only from articles in magazines or Internet. Let it never touch you! Enjoy communicating with your baby and take care of yourself. In case something worries you, do not delay your visit to a psychologist.

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