28-Day Plank Challenge: One Step Forward To A Perfect Body

Date November 22, 2018 18:07

Despite the abundance of gyms, not all women can find time and money to leave their comfort zone and attend those grueling workouts. But does this mean you have to forget about sports? Not at all! There are particular exercises that can be easily carried out at home. Moreover, you can also arrange a real challenge, resulting in a noticeably improved body condition.

How good is the “plank” exercise? Its main feature, static position, engages deep muscles, making them function with maximum efficiency.

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The plank position includes feet, leg, forearm, arm, and stomach pressure. It strengthens deltoid muscles, lumbar muscles, biceps, triceps, back muscles, buttocks, and hips.

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It's no secret the plank is particularly good for abs, as it involves oblique, lateral, and straight muscles. Before paying attention to the exercise peculiarities, let’s remind ourselves about a few warnings.

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In case of pregnancy, infectious diseases, and problems of the cardiovascular system, it is highly not recommended to perform the exercise. Apart from those, there are also some types of hernia that require the doctor's permission for this kind of physical load. If there are no problems with any of these restrictions, you can easily start working out.

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The hardest part of the business is to go smoothly over the course of 28 days. For the easy training, you need regular exercising and a certain amount of time. The table clearly shows how you need to build your training schedule.

If you are a less experienced athlete, we suggest not challenging yourself much and achieving the lower result – 2:30 minutes in 28 days. After that, you may set the next goal and try to get a more serious result – 3:30. That is why regular training and constant increase in exercising time are required. For example, instead of adding 5 seconds per day, add 2-3, or hold an equal amount of time for several days, until you feel that the performance is becoming easier – this will mean you are ready to throw in for a few more seconds.

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If you find the strength to test yourself with such a challenge, make sure your health allows you to perform like this. Plank will help to make the perfect body if you take into account all factors and move carefully towards your goal.

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