Type Of Figure Matters: Learn To Choose Underwear To Hide Your Most Problematic Zones

Date July 10, 2018

Every woman desires her underwear to be beautiful and suitable for her particular body type. And that is not in vain, as ideal lingerie is the guarantee to creating a harmonious image. With the help of a well-chosen type, you can form the desired image, which can give confidence even to the most timid woman.

Every female should remember: she buys her bra and panties primarily for herself. The underwear should be comfortable, practical, attractive and certainly fit the size and the body type.

With the help of the simple illustration you will be able to orient yourself in the variety of styles offered by the modern mass-market and choose those that will best emphasize the advantages and hide the drawbacks of your body.

1. Type of figure “Ideal”

Slender girls with the smooth body outlines can go for any underwear type, including thongs, which suit very few women. The simplest and foolproof option is a combination of tanga panties and push-up bra.

gvictoria /

2. Type of figure “Wide hips”

The following body structure resembles an hourglass and is distinguished with narrow shoulders and a thin waist, passing into slightly disproportionately wide hips. To create a harmonious image, you can use a bra with soft cups and narrow panties with a low waist.

SutidaS /

3. Type of figure “Peg-top hips”

To hide those unpleasant drawbacks on your hips, it is recommended to give preference to the bra with hard cups and small shorts. However, it's better to forget about more open models of panties, at least for a while.


Tania Zbrodko /

4. Type of figure “Tummy and curvy hips”

Those extra pounds within your abdomen and thighs can be effectively hidden. To balance the top and bottom, it is recommended to choose a bra with hard cups and panties with wide sides and a high waist.

Mangpor_nk /

5. Type of Figure "Skinny"

Such women can make their forms more rounded and attractive with the help of properly selected underwear. An excellent solution can be a push-up bra and peculiar lingerie with contrasting color inserts. By the way, it is also worth paying attention to the seamless models.

Ruslan Kudrin /

6. Type of figure “Wide shoulders and big breasts”

Girls with an inverted triangle physique, which is characterized with narrow hips and wide chest, should limit themselves the simplest models of underwear – no excessive décor, no large stitches, and no push-up. While choosing a bra, it is recommended to pay attention to products with strong thin straps and a rigid frame.

Natalie Board /

7. Type of figure “Absence of waist”

Thongs with ribbons on the sides will visually add you some volume in the hips and allow the waist to look more distinctive. To make the image more harmonious, it is recommended to choose bras with hard cups and removable straps.

Anastasiya Tsiasemnikava /

8. Type of figure “Plump”

Women with “ample curves” should focus on dense underwire products and wide straps. Panties should have a pulling effect and be as high as possible.

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Beautiful underwear should not necessarily correspond to trends, because its main task is to emphasize the advantages and hide the drawbacks. In pursuit of fashion, many beautiful ladies forget about their own comfort and often choose up-to-date, but not entirely suitable models, when the entire secret in creating a harmonious image is the selection of sets according to the body type.

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