Life After "Two Sacred Bars": 5 Psychological Concerns In The Early Stages Of Pregnancy

Date July 5, 2018

You have been waiting for this exact moment of your life for a long time. Finally, you have witnessed it. Today, you discovered two bars on the pregnancy test for the first time.

You have seen how it happens in the movies a lot of times. The woman laughs and cries, and the feelings simply overflow her with happiness. The husband picks up the wife, turns her around, and even cries with happiness as well. However, the real life is not similar to a movie. In reality, everything can look a little different. But don’t worry, that's completely normal.

In order to calm your emotions down, here are five main problems women may find concerning during the first weeks of pregnancy.

1. "When I told my husband about pregnancy, he reacted strangely. I even thought he wasn’t happy."

It is a common knowledge that men are much less emotional than women. When the storm of emotions rages inside a male, he is not always able to understand what is going on. Apart from that, even if the child is desirable for a man, often, the first feeling your husband might experience after receiving the message that he will soon become a father, will be fear.

That is correct! Your big and strong man is also able to be scared of the new upcoming role, and as you know, the unknown may be frightening. However, do not hurry to be offended. Give your husband time to comprehend new information and accept himself in a new status – the family father.

2. "We planned pregnancy and prepared for it in every possible way, but all the same, two bars on the test turned out to be a complete surprise. I feel no joy, and I am overwhelmed with anxiety."

Stop blaming yourself, calm down and relax. You are not alone. With the pregnancy progress, the majority of women may experience not only lack of joy but also a whole range of dubious feelings. If you are good at listening to yourself, then you may notice some sort of confusion after receiving the news about the pregnancy. Some begin to experience anxiety, while others have different kinds of concerns. Shame and guilt may mix up with the feeling of fear. It may seem that an "adult girl" was ready for everything, but fear had always been there.

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It's completely different in all the movies and books you have ever read. They depict only pure joy of a pregnant woman. And this picture is very different from the reality. In real life, we are far from being the heroes of those films. However, it may happen because our mental condition is versatile, and we can experience a lot of controversial emotions about the same event.

Anyway, stop hurting yourself! You have the right for any kind of feelings. It is completely normal to be worried and even confused. You and your husband need some time to adapt to a new situation. Sometimes, fear or anxiety are so powerful that they block all other feelings. If you are too much afraid of upcoming changes or worry about the uncertainty of what awaits you in the future, you may unintentionally ignore the joy and pleasure of pregnancy and, therefore, even feel miserable. Contact a psychologist or a therapist and try to understand what scares you the most. Be sure, after this, you will calm down and feel truly happy with the thought that a little baby is lying right under your heart.

3. "I have been pregnant for three months, and the maternal instinct does not wake up. I do not feel love for someone under my heart. What if it never appears?"

There are many myths and legends about what a pregnant woman should feel. Remember the main thing: A future mother does not have to do anything for anyone! You are all different and have the full right to feel what you feel, even if it differs from the public opinion. Some mothers begin to realize the new responsibilities quite soon, others – later.

You may start perceiving true love for the child after the first check-up when you see the baby's noticeable outlines and its pulsating heart. Others begin to stroke their rounded tummy gently after they feel the first baby moves. Your love for the baby may appear after it touches your chest, and others need some time after the labor to awaken the hidden maternal feelings. You have the right for your own pace. Do not be in a hurry. Everything will come in due time.

4. "I am worried about correct pregnancy development. I am very afraid of various pathologies or miscarriages."

Often, women become very anxious during pregnancy. More precisely, they were alarming even before conception, but during the period of childbearing, the anxiety just intensified. What to do and how to avoid bad things from happening? The answer is simple: Don’t care!

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The only thing you can do is follow the instructions of your doctor and lead a healthy lifestyle. You are in no way able to influence the development of your baby. You should accept your impotence and simply pray and ask for God’s help. Whether you are worried or not, the baby will develop as nature intends it, and regular visits to the doctor and timely examinations will increase the chance that everything will be fine and in a few months, you will hear your newborn baby’s cry.

If you have ever had a sad experience of miscarriage or missed abortion, of course, your anxiety may be even greater. In this case, you need to learn how to calm yourself down: Repeat the phrase "I do everything I can. That means everything will be fine!" After all, you are trying hard for your future child: follow the doctor's recommendations, keep an eye on your health, talk with your tummy, meditate or practice yoga for pregnant women. So why should anything go wrong?

5. "When is it worth telling people that I am pregnant? And can you talk about it at all?"

There is a belief that you should not tell the strangers about your pregnancy. If you are a superstitious person, wait for the news about the upcoming family reinforcement. In any case, you have the right to decide for yourself who needs to know about your situation and who does not.

We recommend telling the news to the people you interact with most often: your husband, children, relatives, perhaps your close friends or colleagues. In general, it's better to have those people know about your pregnancy, who will be able to protect you from the unnecessary stress.

By following these tips, you will save yourself from the fears and experiences that often accompany women in the early stages of pregnancy.

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