9 Things That Your Breasts Can Say About Your Health.

Date May 10, 2018 16:14

Every woman knows that it is important to take care of the breast and be regularly examined. And even the slightest problems cannot be ignored. Below we list the most common breast changes and tell you what they can mean.

1. Breast Growing

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There are several factors that affect breast growth:

  • weight gaining;
  • pregnancy;
  • taking hormonal drugs containing estrogen or progesterone.

Don’t be afraid of it, you might just need a bigger bra.

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2. Breast reduction

If you notice that your breasts have decreased in size, it means you have either lost some weight or the estrogen amount in the body has lessened. If the breast size reduction is accompanied by acne or hair loss, it can be a polycystic ovaries syndrome.

3. Sagging

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The breast shape is inherited along with the DNA information. However, over the time it can turn sagged. Mammologists explain these changes are related to the childbearing and a woman’s age. In this case, it’s important to choose the right bra even if you are breastfeeding. Weight monitoring, exercises and, of course, lifting creams may be of additional help.

4. Breast lumps

Intra-tissue changes in the chest are absolutely normal and are strongly connected with woman’s menstrual cycle. If the lumps are symmetrical and appear in the armpits area, there is nothing to worry about. There is no reason to panic, even if it’s a little bit painful. But be aware if they appear in one of the breasts and seem "debride" - it is necessary to visit the doctor.

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5. Density

Breast density is a two-fold concept due to the fact that some women have more glands and others less. It is more difficult to diagnose cancer in women with dense breast tissues: The tumor looks exactly like the bored glands. Therefore, it is better to have an additional ultrasound diagnosis.

6. Pain

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There are a lot of factors that cause pain in the chest, but most of them are quite harmless. If you drink a lot of coffee, most likely both breasts will ache. Pain can also occur if you wear an incorrect bra. Other factors include:

  • lack of iron;
  • breast cancer;
  • thyroid disease.

7. Retracted nipples

Retracted nipples are normal if you have always had them. The problem should be taken seriously, when it is atypical for you. It can be a tumor and you need to consult the doctor. BUT! A similar problem can also happen with women who wear training bra all the time, even during the sleep.

8. Discharge from the nipples

The causes of breast discharge are also different, and cancer is one of the rarest. This may be the result of prolactin level increase. Usually, this abnormality needs thyroid and antidepressant medications. Bloody discharge can be observed if you accidentally tore the papilloma. And here's another thing: milk allocation can persist for 2 years after you finish breastfeeding.

9. Color changes

Changes in the breast color and enlarged lymph nodes are most often a signal of pregnancy. In this case, the nipples and halos around them can darken. The same can often happen with aging.

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