9 Common Beauty Habits Beauty Experts Consider Harmful

Date June 18, 2018

To look young and beautiful is both science and art that every woman strives to master. In the pursuit of perfection, we sometimes try questionable beauty products, without being sure of how safe they are for our skin. According to dermatologists, there are 8 common women’s beauty habits to better get rid of. Here is what the experts recommend.

1. Put on a day cream in the mornings, and a night cream in the evenings

Cosmetologists are unanimous is that there is no universal cream for use before sleep and after waking. Day and night products should include different ingredients. The former should be light and quickly absorbed, while the latter – thick and nourishing.

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2. Don’t buy creams in jars                

Have you used a face cream out of a jar? It’s a safe bet that you have. Now, think about it – how sanitary is it to stick your fingers in the same cream every day? Instead of vitamins and nutrients, it can become home for bacteria. So, go with creams in tubes or dispenser bottles.

3. Forget about fragrant soap

A good dermatologist will never choose soap, which is too fragrant. Why not? Because it must contain a lot of perfume compounds. They can overdry skin or even cause allergies.

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4. Don’t use toothpaste for pimples

Have you heard about this method from the past century? Just don’t do it if you care about your skin at all. You can seriously damage tender face skin, as the toothpaste is a very aggressive substance.

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5. Don’t use toners

'Toners are necessary for everyday face hygiene!' We’ve been told this for decades by marketing experts and beauty catalogs. But experienced dermatologists know that they are absolutely useless. 95% is water and the beneficial effect of the rest 5% raises doubts.

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6. Don’t take hot baths

Do you like to get in a hot bath and relax in it for half an hour or more? But do you know how harmful it is? The water which is too hot can completely wash off protective barriers of our skin. Don’t be surprised by inflammations you get on your skin later.

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7. Avoid suntan products

Everything you need to know about suntan products is that they clog pores. They don’t provide any substantial protection against harmful UV light only damaging your skin. Use sunscreens, as you are guaranteed to get a great tan if you spend enough time at the beach anyway.

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8. Don’t use home-made face scrubs

Don’t use home-made face scrubs from salt, sugar and the like. They can be quite good for your body, but irreparably damage the skin of your face causing scaling, itching, and redness.

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9. Don’t use hand cream on your face

Have you ever applied hand cream on your face? This is strictly not recommended. The skin of the hands is much harder and the hand cream is made accordingly. Putting it on the face can clog pores and disrupt the function of oil glands.

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We hope that these recommendations will help you keep young and fresh looks for years. Stay beautiful forever!

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