How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex: 4 Ways To Deal With A Break-Up

Date November 9, 2018

A break-up is a painful thing. Sadly, no one has yet figured out how to instantly fix a broken heart. However, there are some ways to help get over the end of a relationship.

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Obsessively stalking your ex on social media, eating your feelings, or going for a one night stand are not the best solutions in this situation. It will only make you feel worse. So how do you survive a break-up with minimal losses?

4 ways to stop thinking about your ex

1. Make new habits or hobbies

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Melancholy and obsession with your ex are just as bad habits as smoking or alcohol addiction. In order to get rid of it, you need to make new, good ones (of course). Find a new passion and fill your time with something interesting. You've been planning to start learning French for quite a while? Wonderful! You've wanted to learn how to play the guitar? It's right about time! You've dreamt of writing a novel? Go ahead! Your new hobby might even be something a lot less comprehensive, like cooking or embroidery. Try to remember what you used to enjoy doing as a child – perhaps, this is exactly what you lack in your adult life.

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2. Don't stalk your ex on social media

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Yes, he might already have some personal life you are no longer a part of. It's normal. Don't tear your heart by going through his pictures with a new girlfriend. You have to understand: while you are still obsessed with a man, you can't move on with your life. If you keep thinking about him all the time, you can't see things clearly. Let alone that living with such an obsession while also being in a new relationship is a total disaster!

3. Get rid of everything that reminds you about your ex

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There's no need to throw away or burn all his belongings and gifts. It won't help you forget about your love; over time it might even get worse. Simply put these items somewhere you can't see them and don't take them out any time soon. You will know that you have these things, but they won't catch your eye all the time.

4. Let your feelings out

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There's a recommendation that you need to grieve over your relationship for a while, and we agree with that. Let your feelings out; share your thoughts and feelings with a friend. If you try to suppress this natural need, it will only make it worse and your recovery will take that much longer. Cry, lie on the floor, listen to sad songs – until you have had enough of reminiscing about all of it. Eventually, he'll become the last thing you want to talk or even think about.

If your recovery lingers, don't be ashamed to seek professional help. An experienced therapist will help you overcome your problem and avoid a prolonged depression after a break-up.

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