“Back In My Day, Things Were Different!” 7 Signs That You Are Turning Into A "Fossil"

Date March 5, 2019

Most modern people strive to stay young longer. They get Botox injections, play sports, and eat healthy. But despite all efforts, some of them still get old earlier than they should. And it’s not about the number of wrinkles or half-a-century-old clothes. It is about the spirit and state of mind. You can turn into an old grouch by the age of 30, and at 70 you can stay young and cheerful. Check out the list of symptoms for early self-diagnosis and find out if you are turning into an old person ahead of time.

Symptoms of becoming a "fossil"

1. You don’t understand young people’s slang

You don’t understand young people. And even if you can guess what some of the words mean, you simply can't stand them.

You don’t have to speak like a teenager, but it wouldn’t hurt you to know these words and to go easy on the younger generation in general.

2. You spend more than an hour a day watching TV

While the younger generations have switched to platforms such as YouTube, you still can’t break the habit of turning on the TV. You don’t understand much of the content on the internet.

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3. You don’t know current celebrities

You are not aware of current trends and don’t know new celebrities. You can’t name any of the famous bloggers or young singers.

4. You choose all-inclusive resorts over a backpack travel

If you have options to either spend a week in a verified hotel or travel with a backpack to several cities, you will choose the former.

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5. You know everything

You know how to run the country, raise children, and cook soup. You know how the police and teachers should work, and you don’t change your opinions over time.

6. You know everyone in the neighborhood

You know the names of all your neighbors. All your friends live in your city.

7. You start telling stories with the words: “Back in my day…”

If you started noticing that you live in the memories of the past, we advise you to start living today. And be sure to dream of a bright future.

It’s a matter of choice whether to be an old fossil or not. What did you decide for yourself? Share your opinion in the comments!

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