Beauty Pageant Finalist Used To Have Severe Acne, But Giving Up Sugar Changed Her

Date December 24, 2018

Acne is a problem many people face, but it is especially tough for girls and women. Pimples have a bad impact on well-being and confidence, so most girls try to get rid of them as fast as possible. But there are girls don’t want to feel embarrassed or hide anymore. They tell their story and show others that they have nothing to be ashamed of. One of them is Rachel Crawley - a beauty pageant contestant, whose self-esteem was nearly destroyed by acne.



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Rachel was a normal teenager in the English city of Preston. Problems with her skin began when she turned 16. To Rachel's frustration, nothing could remove the severe red acne on her face, for which peers started taunting her.

My acne was getting me down and I was being horrible to myself.

– told the girl.

It got to the point that she began to be embarrassed to go out with friends and didn’t even go to her aunt’s for Christmas – to avoid curious glances. The girl spent Christmas Day by herself.

I would look in the mirror and hate the person looking back at me.



In order to make herself feel better, Rachel began to hide the pimples under a thick layer of makeup, and then grew her hair for the same reason. At 18, the girl was invited to enter the beauty contest Miss Preston. Crawley really wanted to, but was very shy about her skin and refused.



However, a few years later, Rachel realized that this could not go on forever. After unsuccessful experiments with medical cosmetics, the girl decided to revise her food habits, temporarily excluding one product after another from her diet. And it worked: the acne started to go away. It turned out that cutting sugar and simple carbohydrates was the right decision in her fight against acne.

Rachel adopted a healthier eating regime, which included more raw vegetables and fruits, greens, berries, oatmeal, and smoothies. She also took up exercise. A proper diet and fitness helped her to significantly improve the condition of her skin. She changed so much that she decided to make her dream come true and took part in the beauty contest, Miss Preston 2017, and went on to become a beauty queen finalist.

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Rachel also launched her Instagram page and started to post her photos with acne. Some subscribers criticized the girl, but most admired Rachel for being so brave. Now the 23-year-old beauty is an office manager and she has 25,000 followers on Instagram. She continues to take care of her skin, which still gives her some troubles from time to time.

The only opinion that matters is your own.

– says Rachel.







This beautiful girl really deserves to be respected! And did you have self-esteem issues that you managed to get rid of?

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