5 Mistakes In Choosing Clothes That Make Women Look Older

Date December 27, 2018

Choosing new clothes requires great efforts and much personal experience. Nevertheless, many women still have in their wardrobes many things absolutely don’t suit them. Are you sure you choose the right clothes? There are a few tips on how to compose a correct outfit that will look stylish, modern, and even rejuvenate you. So, what are the main mistakes in choosing new clothes?

1. Wrong size

5 Mistakes In Choosing Clothes That Make Women Look Oldergettyimages

Even though oversize is now fashionable, this doesn’t mean that all your clothes should be larger than you need. Of course, some of them may be quite trendy, yet at the same time, they should beautifully fit your figure. Melania’s gray coat is the best oversized example that makes her look younger. While Melania did it intentionally, you should remember – don’t choose typical clothes that are larger than your usual size.

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2. Childish prints

5 Mistakes In Choosing Clothes That Make Women Look Oldergettyimages

Women over 40 need to be extremely careful with patterns. If you must choose one, you should opt for the classics: polla dots, stripes, geometrical figures, or large floral print. Remember, all this should look harmonious with the entire image. If you choose a large floral print, accompany it only with a monochrome blouse or skirt. You can do vice versa – one-colored dress and a large print on top. Steer clear from animals, toys, cartoons, and other childish patterns!

3. Inappropriate colors

Some colors will never cease to be trendy: burgundy, black, white, beige, brown, gray, red, emerald, and purple. That is why you should avoid excessively bright colors, for example, light green or neon-yellow. Such colors as fuchsia or coral should be used only as a part of your outfit, but not as a monochrome component.

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4. Old-fashioned shoes

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No matter how old a woman is, she will always find a comfortable yet modern and stylish pair of shoes. It is only necessary to approach it responsibly and avoid choosing old-fashioned models.

5. Old-fashioned styles

Some outfits can “live” forever: high-quality jeans made of durable denim, a classic coat, a baggy white sweater, a white T-shirt, a black straight jacket, etc. However, there are also things that are popular only in a particular season, such as a poncho, high skirt, or flared trousers. It is important to follow the basic trends not to spoil the impression of your outfit with a particular detail that has already long gone out of fashion.

5 Mistakes In Choosing Clothes That Make Women Look Olderqueen maxima dressgettyimages

Each person is unique, so you should buy clothes according to your needs but take heed of the main trends. We hope these tips will help you form your own beautiful and unique style that will make you look younger than your age!

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