Convenient Or Risky? First Implanted Microchips Promise The Public To “Make Their Life Easier”

Date November 14, 2018 14:56

Have you ever thought that the science fiction film gadgets would be accessible in real life? And we aren’t talking about computers and mobile phones. Where some people are pleased and delighted about the advent of new technologies, others are really scared.

Sweden has started chipping its residents since spring this year. Can you imagine this? People voluntarily have chips implanted in their hand between the index finger and thumb. This microchip can replace plastic cards, various passes, and all kinds of keys that we are used to carrying on us.


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The device attracts people for the following characteristics:

  • minute size (similar to a grain of rice);
  • lack of GPS, meaning it’s impossible to track a person’s location;
  • its cost, including the implantation procedure, is $180, while some large companies provide the procedure to their employees for free;
  • the chip works only at a distance of a few centimeters from the reader or terminal, so it will be extremely troublesome for attackers to steal the information;
  • it only stores information and can’t read anything.

You can watch the chip's additional functioning capabilities in the video:

The developers believe that this device will provide the Swedish with an entrance to a new digital era. They also note the microchip’s incredible convenience and the safety of its use.


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However, the new technology has opponents. Some people claim that no one can guarantee the absolute confidentiality and integrity of the user’s data. In addition, many believe that the absence of GPS in chips is just a matter of time. Furthermore, the fact that some companies offer the service for free causes strong doubts and suspicions for some internet users.


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What do you think about the new device? Is it possible to trust such technologies? Would you dare insert a chip into your hand to get rid of the hassle of carrying keys, plastic cards, travel tickets, and other things? Share your opinion in the comments!

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