Excuse Or Execute? How Male Zodiac Signs React To Cheating

Date November 14, 2018

Cheating always brings terrible pain and frustration to people. Finding out that your partner dared betray your love is horrible. However, are we able to forgive? What about men's forgiveness? Usually, they aren’t as tolerant as women. Astrologers claim that while some zodiac signs easily forget about cheating, others give no mercy and file for divorce immediately.

1. Aries

When a woman cheats, most Aries men will get deeply shocked. They shout for a long time, swear, sort out the relationship, then finally leave the abuser. This zodiac sign will most likely never forgive your cheating.

2. Taurus

Taurus won’t think a lot about psychological trauma. These men will try to obtain as much jointly acquired property and gifts as possible.

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3. Gemini

Cheating evokes in Gemini the desire to turn this event into a real movie drama. People around will have to endure their suffering for quite a long time.

4. Cancer

Cheating will unbalance Cancerian men for quite a long time. He can become addicted to bad habits and even begin overeating. Eventually, he will be ready to forgive his beloved woman if she asks for it.

5. Leo

Leo will never show others that he has been hurt. He will silently grab all the things of the abuser and ask her to leave. Leo men won't be grieving for long – they will start looking for a new passion quite soon.

6. Virgo

Virgo men usually part with a woman the instant they find out about her cheating. However, he may forgive a traitor if she asks for it in the most sincere way possible.

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7. Libra

Having learned about a betrayal, Libra men can start organizing a theatrical performance. They are able to break dishes and throw wedding rings out windows. However, after they realize the relationship is over, they immediately return to a bachelor’s lifestyle.


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8. Scorpio

You better not cheat on a Scorpion man! While he treats strangers and not-so-close friends indifferently, those close to him should expect numerous huge scandals for a cheater.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius won’t throw things out the window and won’t orchestrate a melodrama. They will forgive everything and leave after having a conversation about how much the cheater will lose.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn men may be discouraged, but not for long. The thought of the money spent during all these years will make him return. The man will simply take back all the gifts from the ex and leave. However, years later, he may worry about what happened.


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11. Aquarius

Aquarius men don’t put relationships in first place; friends mean much more to them. That is why so many of them face cheating. After the betrayal, they will describe the ex in the most negative connotation imaginable.

12. Pisces

Pisces will never cheat for revenge, but they will cry about their tragedy to all the girls they know. However, they can also forgive an abuser, if she admits her mistake.

Of course, all men are different, and their perception of relationships depend not only on date of birth but also on a lot of other factors. However, astrologers are sure the zodiac sign affects a man’s attitude to cheating. Do you agree?

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