Fashion Trend Or Common Sense? Girls Massively Refuse Epilation

Date April 5, 2019

Modern culture and fashion trends oblige women to put makeup on a daily basis, waste time and huge amounts of money on various beauty procedures, and remove extra hair off the body. However, some girls don’t agree that they should be subjected to such inequalities to be considered beautiful and well-groomed.


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The number of women who refuse to remove leg and armpit hair has increased dramatically in recent years. Of course, this couldn’t but affect the profits of companies producing various means for depilation. So, in the period from 2015 to 2016, sales of shaving accessories and cosmetics for hair removal fell by 5%.

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Today, more and more girls are joining this movement, boasting of the results of epilation refusal on social networks.


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Advocates of this trend simply don’t see any reason why they should remove the hair from the skin, spending money and time.


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For example, fitness Instagram blogger Morgan Mikenas is sure that the hair on the body is given to a person for a reason – after all, we don’t shave it off the head.

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Of course, this phenomenon would have received no such powerful distribution unless celebrities had also supported it.


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We have already seen some of the world-famous stars such as Julia Roberts, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and many others with hairy armpits.

By the way, the current fashion for naturalness isn’t new. In the 1970s, hippies adhered to the same ideology.

And what do you feel about this movement? Would you refrain from shaving extra body hair? Share your opinions in the comments!

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