Girl Publicly Made Fun Of The Guy Who Said He Wanted Children With Her. How Ethical Is This?

Date May 24, 2019

“Got cocky!” That’s what people usually say about successful and well-groomed girls on social networks that don’t respond to persistent attention. Today, we have an opportunity to follow celebrities’ lives hour after hour. Moreover, we can do the same even with bloggers with thousands of subscribers, who can message them personally and even suggest a close acquaintance. The modern world became different with Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks? On the other hand, is it worth to be rude in response to such attention? People have different opinions.

Please, welcome, Kira

The girl has recently shared an Instagram story, featuring her photo with a filter, turning her into a 5-year-old child. The girl mentioned that now she wants a daughter. In response, one of her active subscribers sent her a direct offer to “help with this difficult task.” Should this gesture be regarded as rudeness or courtship? The blogger also decided to respond in a direct way and shared a screenshot of the message in front of her 75K subscribers on Twitter. 


Some internet users supported the guy, claiming there is nothing wrong with a desire to have a child with a pretty girl who expressed a desire to become a mother. 


Well, if he doesn’t fit, I can do it as well.


One of my clients is the son of the factory owner, having more than 200 machines ($100K each). He looks just the same and talks in the same way. I never pay attention to people’s appearance (well, almost...)

But the users were particularly disturbed that the girl didn’t even hide the name of a resourceful fan.


The funniest thing here is neither a filter nor a photo of an idiot. She was silly enough to share his picture, meaning to say “look what a freak he is – definitely not worthy of me.”


How nasty it is to consider you are “tower above him.” Like he is miserable, fine, but who are you?

I “love” such people with the self-esteem, claiming “I will respond you only if you are rich, well-built, handsome, and have at least1 million subscribers.”

However, the girl also had people to defend her!


And what now? Every homeless from “the street of silly courtship” can be worthy of her attention? Only others suffer from your high self-esteem, while you suffer from the low.

What do you think? Did the girl act properly towards the annoying young man? Do you consider her response cruel? What would you do in her place? Share your thoughts in the comments.