Reality Show Star Confessed She Was Left With "Puffy Balls" After Removing Implants

Date May 22, 2019

Probably all people dream of having a beautifully perfect body. They try to achieve their goal in different ways: some work out in gyms, training desperately for hours on end; others visit plastic surgeons, relying on surgeries. But with the lattercase, it is necessary to consider how surgical intervention as a whole can impact your human body. Nobody would want a similar experience as that of Colombian Yina Calderon.

The reality show star suffered from low self-esteem and finally decided in 2016 to improve it by transforming her body with plastic surgery. She underwent 17 operations to enlarge her buttocks.

However, she soon began having problems with her health as the implants were poisoning her body. Yina was forced to remove them and go through rehabilitation.

Yina recorded and shared her experience of the restoration massage for her buttocks on her Instagram since, after the operation, they resembled “puffy balls.” The video is accompanied by comments, warning others about the danger of foreign objects in your body since the poisonous implants cause harm. 

Apart from the woman’s warnings, it is necessary to add a few general provisions about the risks involved in plastic surgery since numerous people are willing to change their appearance in such a way. These are the main possible danger alerts:

  • significant blood loss;
  • infection;
  • nerve damage;
  • internal organ damage;
  • ugly scars;
  • dissatisfaction with the result.

Reality Show Star Confessed She Was Left With "Puffy Balls" After Removing ImplantsVeles Studio /

Think carefully before you decide even on a minor body change with the help of surgery. Let Yina’s experience come as a serious alert to you. Also, don’t forget to warn your friends and share this story with them – maybe someone is just about to “ruin” their life.

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