Wisdom Teeth: To Pull Or Not To Pull?

Date November 12, 2018

Wisdom teeth have already lost their purpose and even became the parts of various legends. If at one time their appearance was associated with maturation and changes in life, now wisdom teeth are synonymous with troubles. Some doctors advise getting rid of them, while others – not to hurry. Who is right? Let’s find it out.

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Why these teeth are called “late”

Wisdom teeth begin to erupt at the age of 14 to 25. Moreover, they may also never appear. It is believed that they belong to the rudimentary organs – those body parts that have in the modern world now lost their purpose.

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Signs that your wisdom teeth are growing

Unlike its “peers,” this molar usually behaves strangely. A person may even fail to notice how the “eighth” tooth is formed in the gum. The exact result can only be received by an X-ray. Luckily, there are a number of symptoms that help you learn about the formation of a new wisdom tooth:

  • throbbing pain in the gums;
  • bleeding of the soft tissues in the mouth;
  • puffiness;
  • discomfort when eating solid or hard foods;
  • lymph node inflammation;
  • high temperature;
  • general malaise;
  • formation of a node over the gum.

If you have noticed several of these signs, don’t hesitate to visit the dentist.

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To pull or not to pull

Many surgeons insist on removing these teeth, as they are capable of negatively affecting health. Luckily, not all late teeth need to be pulled out.

Reasons not to pull

A healthy, self-erupted tooth that doesn’t bring inconveniences can be saved. Sometimes, in order to avoid surgery, doctors perform node excision – a procedure that will help avoid the proliferation of bacteria and the occurrence of infections in the oral cavity.

However, doctors have much more reasons for removing the wisdom teeth.

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Reasons to pull

Due to the inconvenient location of the molars, it is difficult to clean dirt and food debris from that place completely. As a result, decay and other related problems appear. In such cases, the tooth is much easier to remove than to treat.

Another reason is the wrong location. An impacted molar is the eighth tooth that remains in the gum. It may be vertical or even horizontal, pushing rows of other teeth. A half-impacted molar is one that managed to appear partly. Dental surgeons advise removing such teeth in a planned manner. Postponing their removal threatens the development of decay inside the gums, as well as inflammation of the bone tissue or facial nerve.

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Don’t delay in contacting the dentist. Nowadays, there are a lot of painkillers and sedatives that help experts conduct all procedures smoothly and safely.

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What about you? Have you removed your "late" teeth? Or maybe you were lucky not to have them at all? Share your experience in the comments.

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