3 Products That Help Japanese Women Look Younger Than Their Age

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January 9, 2019 17:59 By Fabiosa

You have likely repeatedly noticed that Japanese women, even at a mature age, manage to look amazingly young. An elegant silhouette, radiant porcelain skin, no wrinkles – these women make others envious of their immaculate appearance.

47 years old


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50 years old


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Well, Japanese women seem to have found the secret to eternal youth! We decided to find out what tricks and beauty procedures help them to look 20 at 50 years old.

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Three products that help Japanese women look younger than their age

1. Japanese camellia oil


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This natural remedy is rich in oleic acid; vitamins A, D, and E; vegetable collagen; and nourishing fatty acids. Japanese camellia oil easily penetrates the epidermis, moisturizing the skin, increasing its elasticity, and removing acne. In addition, it protects the skin from the effects of free radicals and effectively fights visible signs of aging.

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Japanese camellia oil is recommended for facial massage. After the procedure, cover your face with a damp towel for 10-15 minutes and wash it with warm water.

2. Rice water 


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Rice is one of the main components of the Japanese diet. This product is widely used not only in cooking but also in cosmetology, in particular, for hair and skin care. Rice water reduces inflammation, has a healing effect (which is especially helpful for people with dermatitis), and can also help fight against age spots.

How to cook rice water?

  1. Fill a handful of rice with a glass of water and let it brew for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Boil rice for 10 minutes, drain and cool it. It is recommended to leave the liquid from cooking rice in a warm place for a day to begin the fermentation process. Boil the water 24 hours after that, then keep the product in the refrigerator.
  3. Wash your face with the rice water in the morning and evening, or wipe with a cotton pad dipped in rice water.

3. Algae


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Another product that Japanese culture is famous for is seaweed. Algae are found in many dishes, medicines, and cosmetics. They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, flavonoids, and other beneficial ingredients. Nori will help to whiten age spots, smooth fine wrinkles, even out the complexion and moisturize the skin.

Cut nori into rectangular pieces and soak in warm water. Put wide layers on the face and leave for 25-20 minutes.

There is nothing difficult in these Eastern life hacks. Moreover, the mentioned ingredients are relatively accessible to each of us. Now, it is up to you to decide whether to include them in your cosmetics routine!

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