Ginger Is Not Recommended In These 4 Conditions

Date June 26, 2018

You have probably heard of the numerous beneficial effects of ginger. It helps with digestive system disorders since ginger is rich in enzymes involved in digesting food and clearing the body from toxic substances. However, you should know that there are conditions, in which ginger is not particularly helpful. Here are some of them.


1. Coagulation disorders

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Ginger improves circulation by improving the rheological properties of the blood. This has a positive effect on patients suffering from obesity, diabetes, and peripheral arterial diseases. However, people who have bleeding disorders (hemophilia, Von Willebrand's disease) should avoid consuming ginger, as it may worsen the situation.

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2. Pregnancy

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Despite the fact that ginger normalizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract and the musculoskeletal system, its use is not recommended during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that it can stimulate uterine muscles contractions and provoke the onset of premature birth.

3. Taking certain medicines

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You should avoid consuming ginger if you are taking medications used to treat diabetes and hypertension, as ginger can intensify the effect of insulin, beta-blockers, and anticoagulants. Their combination is fraught with the development of hypoglycemia and hypotension.

4. Gastroesophageal reflux disease

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Consuming ginger in large amounts is associated with developing heartburn - a feeling of discomfort and burning in your chest. Heartburn is one of the characteristic symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease and reflux esophagitis. If you suffer from one of these conditions, ginger is not recommended for you.

We hope that you found this information useful. If you hesitate whether to introduce a certain product in your diet or not – make sure to consult a nutritionist. 

Source: WebMD, StyleCraze, JesusDaily

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