If You Didn't See Her Passport, You'd Never Think This Woman Was A 40+ Mom Of 2

Date July 12, 2019

Having a toned body is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it also shows that the person is healthy. In addition, keeping fit gives you an extra boost of confidence, increase your self-esteem.

Joanne Peters from Australia decided to get fit when she realized that she didn't feel comfortable looking the way she did at the age of 38, although she didn't have that much extra weight.

Since, being a mother of two, she didn't have much time for the gym, she decided to do home workouts. Her main equipment included dumbells and a cross trainer (elliptical). Exercising five times a week is an essential part of her schedule. Also, she reconsidered her diet and chose a certain meal plan for herself.

When she could see the first results of weight-loss and toning in her body, Joanne got even more motivated that she will be able to achieve her set goal. Even the 2-to-3-year difference between her pictures made her happy.

5 years later, the woman feels excellent in her current shape. Especially when she compares the way she looks now against herself at the age of 20, a time when she was unhappy with her looks and had body issues.

Now Joanne sets an example for other women, inspires them, shares her experience, and answers questions on her Instagram blog.

Do you feel like following her on Instagram after looking at her clear, inspiring results? If you have your own approach, please, do share it with us. And show your friends that you can achieve great results if you just set your mind to it.

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