5 Months, 7 Designers, And 130-Ft Veil: Lebanese Beauty Turned A Dream Wedding Dress Into Reality

Date July 10, 2019 17:15

A wedding dress with a 130-ft veil actually exists! Dana Wolley from Lebanon embodied the dream of all girls during her marriage ceremony, walking down the aisle in a shining dress straight out of a fairy tale. The girl admitted that she had been dreaming of such a wedding since childhood, and now it came true!

Preparations for the celebration began in advance, as the wedding day should be perfect. The girl decided to spare no time and energy to turn the most cherished day of her life into a real ball. The wedding had been prepared for the whole year to complete the design of the luxurious hall decorated with roses and peonies to make 600 guests comfortable.

The ceremony took place in the heart of Lebanon, but the theme of the celebration was Victorian glamor, worthy of royal weddings. Dana came up with the whole concept of her dream wedding from scratch herself: from the sketch of the dress to the selection of songs accompanying the official part of the ceremony. The main embellishment of the evening in Beirut was a dress embroidered in gold and silver with a 130-ft-long veil, inlaid with Swarovski crystals.

It is truly magical!

The talented people who brought the future bride’s sketches to life were masters from the Esposa Group. 2 designers and 5 seamstresses worked only on the veil to turn it into a real masterpiece. The preparations of the wedding decoration took 5 months, and it is worthy of all the world’s applause!

The bridal outfit was completed with earrings and a necklace by Mouawad and shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood, in which the happy wife of businessman Samer Zayat comfortably danced all night long.

Now the bride is also awaiting a child while still carefully keeping the memories of the wedding day. Maybe her fabulous dress will be an invaluable family heritage?

What about you? Would you like to wear such a dress for your wedding? Share your impressions in the comments.