Magician Hairdresser Cuts And Dyes Hair So Smoothly, You'll Want To Watch His Work Over And Over Again

Date July 11, 2019 18:05

Finding a good hairdresser isn’t an easy thing. We would like this person to understand us perfectly well and be able to hold scissors firmly. Unfortunately, not everyone can find his master. While you are still searching, we want to share with you probably the most impressive “hair designer,” as he calls himself. If you don’t mind spending a few hours to fly to Beirut and the enormous cost of a haircut, please welcome, Mr. Mounir.

Well, all jokes aside – surely no one will fly to a distant country just to do their hair – you can still enjoy his work that is already quite popular on the internet. He turns the haircut process into an absorbing spectacle. In this case, you can dream of appearing in the seat of such a master.

The owner of Mounir Salon isn’t just a hairdresser. His magnificent work is already popular all around the world – he has more than 750K subscribers on his Instagram account and 4.5 million on Facebook!

The master constantly comes up with new dyeing and cutting techniques, setting the world trends. And happy clients gladly take part in his experiments. Just pay attention to their smiling faces!

Mr. Mounir has his own distinctive feature – he creates real masterpieces with colors on hair. Everything looks very impressive, and the result is mesmerizing.

Публикация от Mounir (@mounir)

This girl was a yellow blonde – he turned her into a perfect white!

Публикация от Mounir (@mounir)

Gray hair was making its way through the dark strands, so at the request of the client, he turned her into an ash blonde.

Dark hair can be made brighter by adding a few light strands with smooth transitions.

Публикация от Mounir (@mounir)

Perhaps these transformations will inspire you to try a new image. You must have already thought about it! What do you think? Do you like the master’s work? Would you entrust your precious hair to Mounir? Share your thoughts in the comments.